About Us

Education and training schools is one of the most authoritative education and training network services platform XX area. Web site was founded in 2005 to enrich the education and training resources for a strong background XX region basis, "everything for the knowledge seekers" business philosophy, dedicated to providing comprehensive knowledge for the majority of the region's XX, authoritative and effective, and convenient services system for knowledge seekers trying to exclude bit difficult quest for knowledge, a clear direction for knowledge, so the goal is no longer blind users face training, a better future for knowledge seekers escort, became the minds of knowledge navigation light. Meanwhile, education and training network for various educational and training institutions also provide recruitment marketing, market planning, branding and a series of specialized services between knowledge and education and training institutions are an easy set up of the bridge.

Website according to the status of education and training industry market XX region, to ensure that all information under the premise of real and effective, a collection of all kinds of authoritative information and training institutions and training course information, from the perspective of knowledge needs, various types of educational institutions provide an objective evaluation, for the majority of knowledge to provide foreign language training, IT training, academic education, vocational skills, qualifications, talent and fitness information related to projects in the field of education and training throughout. Meanwhile, comprehensive and timely attention to education and training industry news and trends, and to keep the majority of the feedback and knowledge seekers to convey all kinds of educational policy and industry news and exam information and dynamic, so you can "network know the world."

Our school in support of a strong technical force, formed a passionate young professional consulting team, determined to provide knowledge for the majority of high-quality professional and courteous service, has become a truly Chinese forefront of education and training information platform. Web site user data is widely distributed and the large number of channels to improve the market system, and also with a variety of large-scale education portal established long-term cooperative relations, laying a strong foundation for the further development and powerful website.

Our school will always adhere to the principle of providing professional services to knowledge and education and training institutions, make every effort to actively promote the development of China's vast education and training career!